The entire city of Florence, Italy is the same size as this highway interchange in Atlanta, Georgia. Via
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Just another dose of incredible Michael Wolf photography. 

but why is the train taking so long
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The Chuquibambilla School, Peru - AMA ( Afonso Maccaglia Architects) + BOSCH arquitectos

Chuquibambilla School Project is a social project that is developing and building a school in the Native Community of Chuquibambilla, in Satipo, Peru.

The school was to become a meeting place for students and teachers, as well as a space for development, meeting and learning for the entire community. The building was designed to have different modules around a central courtyard. The programme includes rooms and outdoor spaces for various academic and administrative activities, covered patios for outdoor teaching and recreational activities, as well as a dormitory for students. The building design sought to make use of the available natural resources and ensure an anti-seismic structure that would withstand the passing of time with minimal maintenance. Other major concerns included cross ventilation, natural lighting, water collection, water treatment and protection against rain and high solar radiation.


Emma McNally
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Summer over the city, George Steinmetz



Housing Tower at Kripalu Center - Peter Rose + Partners
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New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual
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